What You Will Learn

Whether you currently lead a group of people or have not started yet, the Elected Leader, Now What? course is designed to offer the following:

    • The 5 main reasons why people volunteer.
    • 7 pieces of information your potential volunteers need to know.
    • Using diversity to your advantage.
    • Ways to plan for a positive 1st meeting.
    • 7 keys to running effective on-going meetings.
    • How to use re-direction in handling delicate situations during meetings.
    • How to hold volunteers accountable.
    • 3 ways to conclude your group on a positive note.

Sections include:

    • Introduction
    • Find the Best Players
    • Start Off Right
    • Lead Productive Meetings
    • Use Re-Direction
    • Handle Common Challenges
    • Conclude the Team
    • Wrap Up

Video clips will highlight some of the ideas presented.

Just as a heads up - During our course the terms group, team and committee will be used interchangeably.

One more thing before we get started...

Please do not be discouraged if you make some mistakes while leading your teams. Just learn and move forward. We are always learning and even though we may strive for smooth sailing, none of us are perfect and much can be out of our control. Having said that, there definitely are ways to improve our effectiveness as leaders of volunteers.

Remember, we learn by doing.

© 2016 Diane M. Dresback